An image of 4 books on a shelf, the books cover typography and data visualisation.

Learning Log: 2023

My focus this year was meant to be SQL & Python, but it ended up being mostly JavaScript, and then I got a bit distracted by GenAI.

(1 min)
A thumbnail size image that shows a small photo gallery and a Web Components logo.

Holiday: The Canadian Rockies

A gallery of images from my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. Built with a Web Component!

(4 mins)
An image of the UK TV charcter, Morph.

View Transitions: A basic implementation

Instructions on how to implement simple View Transitions, including a couple of animated GIFs to show the results.

(3 mins)
A screenshot from VSCode showing 6 lines of CSS, one of which is text-wrap: balance.

Using 'text-wrap: balance'

I demonstrate the effect of enabling 'text-wrap: balance' for titles and headings across

(4 mins)
A photograph of an excited man sitting in front of a laptop in a street.

10 benefits of RSS for Product Managers

I list 10 benefits of using RSS aggregators specifically for Product Managers.

(3 mins)
A small screenshot showing some CSS in VSCode.

HTML & CSS table with progress bars

I share the code I used to create the tables from my recent 'Learning Log: 2022' article.

(1 min)
An image of Air India's company logo on a white background.

Air India: Putting their recent order into context

I put Air India's recent record-breaking order of Airbus and Boeing aircraft into context.

(2 mins)
An image of an isotype chart showing the number of Boeing and Airbus aircraft in Alaska Airlines' fleet using 249 small aicraft gylphs arranged in a grid.

Infographic: The 25 largest passenger airlines

This infographic depicts the fleet size (and split by manufacturer) of the 25 largest passenger airlines.

(6 mins)
An image of a stacked column chart showing the Boeing vs Airbus split for the world's top 10 airlines.

Airbus vs Boeing: An experiment in charting

The results of my first attempts at creating data visualisations using just HTML & CSS.

(3 mins)
An image of 4 books on a shelf, the books cover typography and data visualisation.

Learning Log: 2022

My focus this year was on the display of unstructured data i.e. articles. In this post you'll find links to all the resources I used.

(2 mins)
Two images of the same face, one from an old faded colour photo, and then the restored version.

Zoom and enhance!

My experiment with restoring old family photos using AI restoration tools: Palette, and GFP-GAN.

(4 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a screenshot of some code on a computer in VSCode.

My first JavaScript app

My first attempt at creating something with JavaScript, an app that randomly selects exercises for my circuit training sessions.

(4 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a PWA app install prompt on a mobile device.

Adding screenshots to your PWA install experience

Better inform your site visitors about your PWA, with app screenshots.

(3 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a child counting with an abacus. Photo by luis arias on Unsplash.

Automatically numbering figures using CSS

Automatically number figures with CSS counters and display inside the figure’s caption.

(4 mins)
Thumbnail image showing 2 versions of the same page

Hiding and delaying image load using HTML

Using the Details & Summary elements with lazy loading to load and display images only when/if they’re requested.

(4 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a typical stacked bar chart

Linking tables to stacked bar charts

An example of interactive linking between a table and a stacked bar chart.

(5 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a screenshot of the article’s layout

Drop Caps and Indents

A niche & nerdy look at how paragraphs can be visually distinguished using a little CSS.

(2 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a typical Kindle eInk screen

Why I prefer the Kindle over physical books

My first (and hopefully last) listicle! 10 reasons I prefer the Kindle over physical books.

(5 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a screenshot of code in VSCode

Why every Product Manager should build a website

A short explanation of why I believe every product manager should build a website.

(3 mins)
Thumbnail vector image showing a Concept2 rowing machine, a TV, and a bar chart pinned to a wall in the background.

My indoor rowing tips after 15 million meters

My experience and tips for anyone new to indoor rowing.

(9 mins)
Thumbnail image showing four different chart types that can be used to show the distribution across groups.

Chart Picker

My Excalidraw diagram designed to help you pick the correct chart type.

(2 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a screenshot of an RSS reader that contains a list of articles.

RSS part 1: what is RSS and what are aggregators?

Part 1 in a series in which I hope to convey the benefits of RSS.

(3 mins)
Thumbnail image showing two trump stlye cards drawn using Excalidraw.

Drawing with Excalidraw

A short article describing how I use my new favourite sketching tool i.e. Excalidraw.

(2 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a photograph of a PC, 2 monitors, a keyboard and mouse, all sitting on a large desk in a bay window.

Working from home hardware

A description of my WFH hardware setup, and why I believe you should invest in yours.

(5 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a graphic that resembles a horizontally stacked bar chart, where each section of the bar is an event e.g. reading, watching TV.

Anatomy of a lockdown weekday

A description of the routine I fell into while WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(4 mins)
Thumbnail image showing a graphic of various apps running on two virtual desktops.

Using virtual desktops in Windows 10

How to take advantage of virtual desktops when shifting between tasks.

(6 mins)